Commissioner Stephen Coleman Kenny (1A05)

Committee Members:

Marshall Daly (SMD 1A08)

Jake Knoll (SMD 1A09)

Daniel Hayes (SMD 1A04)

Dennis Sendros (SMD 1A06)

Jason Sliwa (SMD 1A04)

Kim Soffen (SMD1A05)


Our public spaces – including roads, sidewalks, transit stations, parks, and plazas – are crucial not only to our everyday lives, but also to our community’s sense of self. The Transportation, Parks, & Public Spaces Committee intends to bring community members in Columbia Heights together to ensure that these spaces serve everyone who lives in, works in, and moves through Columbia Heights, no matter where we live or how we get around.

Our north star in this effort is Vision Zero, the idea that the number of acceptable traffic deaths is zero. We will not accept any deaths on the streets of Columbia Heights and will fight to design our streets in a way that achieves this vision. Every month, we will address issues surrounding accessibility to, the quality of, and safety within our public spaces. We hope to achieve this by receiving input from residents of every corner of Columbia Heights and working together.

To join the TPPS Committee email list, email Commissioner Kenny at [email protected]. The email list is used for…
1. Periodic updates on DC transportation policy news
2. Reminder and follow-up summary emails of committee meetings.

Committee Reports and Resources

Crosstown Multimodal Transportation Project

NOIs from DDOT

NOI posted for Irving – GA Ave to Park Place 2022 – 2023

NOI posted for 1400 Columbia Road – Extension of Commercial Loading Zone 2022 – 2023

Near NW III Livability Study Project

For more information on the project, please visit

FY21 WMATA Budget Review

February 2020: WMATA cancellation of ANC meeting presentations; invitation to February 11, 2020 ANC WMATA Budget Forum

February 2020: ANC 1A letter opposing WMATA’s proposed elimination of the 54 Metrobus line in the FY2021 Metro budget

14th Street Bus Lane Pilot Project

September 2019 Update: DDOT 14th Street Transportation Improvement (Bus/Bike Lane) Pilot Project

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project: June 2018 Workshop Summary

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project Street Cross Sections

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project Concept Plan

WABA Letter to DDOT re: 14th Street Transportation Project Concept

Article: “Here’s what bus lanes on 14th Street NW could look like” (Greater Greater Washington)

Other Transportation Projects and Topics in Review

NOI-21-36-TOA (April 2021): Increase No Standing or Parking Anytime Restrictions at Intersections

DDOT Georgia Avenue Open Streets Presentation – August 29th 2019

July 2019: DDOT Curbside Management Presentation

July 2019: DDOT Freight and Urban Delivery Presentation

October 29, 2018 Meeting: Lamont Street NW Crosswalk and Pedestrian Safety

November 5, 2018 Special Meeting: 11th and Park Street NW Bikeshare