Commissioner Jeremy Sherman (1A04)

Committee Members:

Justin Sprague (SMD 1A04)

Daniel Hayes (SMD 1A04)

Guilherme Almeida (SMD 1A06)


Our mission is to ensure that Columbia Heights is a place where small and local businesses can flourish. Small businesses and diverse economic activity are the hallmarks of a thriving, connected, and safe community. We believe that local businesses and filled storefronts bring foot traffic, which can have larger effects on the neighborhood, such as safer streets and sidewalks, improved infrastructure, and a more interconnected community. We aim to support existing small and local businesses, further the work of relevant organizations, and foster economic development reflective of the rich culture and identity of Columbia Heights.

The SBED Committee has four main pillars:

  1. Serve as central ABRA resource for 1A
  2. Support & advocate for existing small businesses
  3. Engage with organizations and agencies doing the work embodied by our mission statement
  4. Advocate for economic development & realize unmet economic opportunities across the neighborhood

Please contact Commissioner Jeremy Sherman at [email protected] for more information. 

Committee Resources: