Members of the community or local organizations can petition the ANC to partially fund their events that benefit residents of the ANC. Under DC law, ANCs may only award sponsorships to organizations for public purposes. ANC 1A reserves the right to fund or not fund any legal sponsorship application at its sole discretion.


Henceforth, the terms program grants and event sponsorships are effectively the same in terms of public benefit and utilize the same application instructions. ANC 1A distinguishes three type of funding opportunities which provide a public benefit: 

  1. Grants: money provided for specific programmatic items to a 501(c)3 organization licensed to conduct business in the District of Columbia and who provides services that provide a public benefit the ANC 1A geography community.  
  2. Sponsorships: community events where organizations are offered levels of participation and where the ANC is present, promotes participation in ANC meetings, encourages civic participation, and meets with constituents. 


  1. Review the Office of ANCs (OANC) grant and sponsorship guidelines at 2023-006 ANC Guidance on Grants and Sponsorships 
  2. Complete grant and sponsorship application at ANC Direct Expenditure Form and submit the complete form to OANC ([email protected]) and ANC 1A ([email protected]). 
  3. The OANC will review the request to ensure compliance with the guidelines and the organization an authorized entity in the District. The OANC generally completes a review within 14 days and notifies the ANC request if the request compliant for an award. 
  4. Requests will be considered by ANC 1A at a monthly general meeting after OANC review and guidance has been issued.