Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A proudly serves the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Ward 1. 

ANC 1A meets at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except August and December). Currently, all meetings are being held remotely via Zoom. Please consult our Next Meeting page for details.

If you wish to make an announcement at the monthly meeting, you are welcome to do so during the “community announcements” portion of the meeting, which immediately precedes Community Comments and Concerns at the beginning of the agenda. Announcements are limited to two minutes.

If you have a business item (such as a liquor license application) you’d like to bring before the ANC (as distinguished from a concern or complaint), you should contact the commissioner of jurisdiction to be added to the agenda and discuss the action.

Before you come to the public meeting, you should also meet with any relevant committee of jurisdiction and be sure to meet with the community association(s) that is (are) affected by your action item.

This means that you should allow at least one to two months for discussion and review with the Commissioner and Committees of jurisdiction before bringing your issue to the full Commission. Public notice of the agenda is given one week before the monthly meeting; therefore, agenda items cannot be added less than one week before a meeting. Generally, at least three to four weeks’ notice is required to add items to the agenda.

If you have a business item that requires urgent attention or is of an emergency nature, you should immediately contact the commissioner of jurisdiction and ask her/him to work with you and the Chairperson of the commission to schedule consideration by the appropriate committee and the full commission.