Minutes of the ANC1A Regular Meeting

held on February 8, 2012 at Tubman Elementary School, D.C.


Chairman Thomas Boisvert began the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Commissioners present for the meeting were: Lisa Kralovic (1A01), Sheldon Scott (1A03), Betty Pair (1A04), Laina Aquiline (1A05), William Brown (1A06), Thomas Boisvert (1A07), Kent Boese (1A08), Bobby Holmes (1A09), Lenwood O. Johnson (1A10), and Dotti Love Wade (1A11). Commissioners absent were Vickey Wright-Smith (1A02). Approximately 33 persons attended the meeting.


Community Announcements


Several persons spoke under the Community Announcements portion:


Romeo Morgan informed the commission about his goal to redevelop the southwest corner of Kenyon Street and Georgia Avenue, NW, and his desire to receive a Letter of Support from the Commission. Chairman Boisvert invited Mr. Morgan to work with Commissioner Holmes to draft a Letter of Support that could be discussed and voted on at a future meeting.

Shi Faust, Director of Communications for Councilmember Orange informed the community about recent legislation accomplished by Councilmember Orange and proposed legislation for pre-school education initiatives.


Committee Reports


Cecilia Jones presented and distributed the ANC 1A February 2012 Public Safety Report and provided details to the community about the second part of the NWCHCAa Block Captain training and invited community members to bring questions to MPD representatives that were present at the meeting. A member of the community asked why the DC Fish Carryout remains open despite the owners arrest for distribution of cocaine. Sergeant Dyson explained that ABRA was currently in the process of suspending the license to sell alcohol but that does not prevent the business from operating. DCRA is responsible for closing the business. MPD is working with both agencies.




Treasurers Report


Commissioner Boisvert introduced the 4th Quarterly Report for FY 2011, covering the period July1-September 30, 2011. Commissioner Boisvert moved to approve the Quarterly Report.

Commissioner Boisvert introduced the 1st Quarterly Report for FY 2012, covering the period October 1-December 31, 2011. Commissioner Boisvert moved to approve the Quarterly Report.




Patrick Mara, Member of the State Board of Education, Ward 1, provided information about the recent IFF study on District schools and OSSE (No Child Left Behind) waivers. OSSE is seeking community input on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) most commonly known as No Child Left Behind waiver application. http://osse.dc.gov/page/esea-flexibility-waiver-application


Calvin Shingler addressed the assembly about Tricom Training Institute and their Triangle Shelter and Kennedy Shelter.



Official Business




Commissioner Love Wade introduced a Grant application in the amount of $500 for the Tournament of Games. Commissioner Love Wade moved to approve grant.


Commissioner Brown introduced a Letter of Support for the Rock N Roll Marathon. Commissioner Brown moved to approve the letter.  


Commissioner Kralovic introduced a resolution of support and a voluntary agreement for ABRA Application ABRA-088333 for The Pinch (3548 14th Street, NW). Commissioner Kralovic moved to approve the resolution and voluntary agreement.


Commissioner Boisvert introduced a Resolution to Protest ABRA Application ABRA-088409 for Mad Momos (3605 14th Street, NW) pending successful negotiation of a voluntary agreement. Commissioner Boisvert moved to support the protest.


Commissioner Boese introduced a Resolution in Support of Co-Locating the Park View School and Recreation Center Properties. Commissioner Boese moved to approve the resolution.


Commissioner Scott introduced a Resolution in Support of Revising BZA Application No. 18309 for Jubilee Housing. Commissioner Scott approve the resolution.


Commissioner Boese introduced a Grant application in the amount of $1,000 for the Power Jam Music Alliances Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets Program. Commissioner Love Wade moved to suspend the ANC 1A bylaws to support the Grant in the amount of $1,000.


Commissioner Pair introduced a Resolution to Request Installation of Speed Bumps on the 1300 Block of Otis Place, NW. Commissioner Pair moved to support the resolution.





Chairman Boisvert adjourned the meeting at 9:23 PM.