The Transportation Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Tracking ANC 1A and community requests for information/reports and transportation issues; follow up with DDOT and other District agencies as necessary.
  • Researching and reporting findings and provide recommendations to ANC 1A as related to transportation and public space requests and NOIs.
  • Drafting (and recommending) resolutions for ANC 1A’s consideration.
  • Coordinating community participation at DDOT hearings by explicit request of the Commission.

Please contact Zach Rybarczyk at 1a03@anc.dc.gov if you would like to be added to the committee Google Group.


Commissioner Zach Rybarczyk (1A03)

Committee Reports and Resources

For Community Review:

September 2019 Update: DDOT 14th Street Transportation Improvement Pilot Project

DDOT Georgia Avenue Open Streets Presentation – August 29th 2019

July 2019: DDOT Curbside Management Presentation

July 2019: DDOT Freight and Urban Delivery Presentation

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project: June 2018 Workshop Summary

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project Street Cross Sections

14th Street Transportation Improvement Project Concept Plan

WABA Letter to DDOT re: 14th Street Transportation Project Concept

Article: “Here’s what bus lanes on 14th Street NW could look like” (Greater Greater Washington)

October 29, 2018 Meeting: Lamont Street NW Crosswalk and Pedestrian Safety

Meeting at the request of Commissioner Castañon

November 5, 2018 Special Meeting: 11th and Park Street NW Bikeshare

Meeting at the request of Commissioners Castañon and Farmer